About us


About Us

We at INFOTEC strive to bridge the gap between employer demands and creatively innovative employee responses through sustained professional development.

Through INFOTEC’s many years of experience in professional training and development, we know that newbie or well-seasoned, local or international cooperate survival depends on how quickly, smartly and smoothly an employee can fulfil both new-age employer demands and unpredictable market changes.

At INFOTEC, we pair cutting-edge professional tools necessary for sustained professional development, with diverse members of today’s ambitious workforce. So, though you are young-in-age or young-at-heart, whether you wish to further your career locally or internationally, whether you are an accounting and management professional, a teacher or a health and safety professional, we have the right professional development course you need to step-up to the next level of your career.

Our Vision & Mission

To empower our generation and the future generations to be global leaders; through creation, application and propagation of knowledge, research and innovation.

Our aspiration is to become one of the leading enablers of education opportunities to all, ensuring a peaceful, prosperous and able knowledge society. We will achieve this by providing alternative pathways and options in the form of adaptive higher education solutions to complement diverse student circumstances.

"Interesting, funfilled and beautiful, it is so nice to feel yourself as a student again at INFOTEC"
Elena Stryuver
ECE Student, Infotec International Institute